Thursday, April 2, 2009

Review: The Invasion of Sandy Bay

Forgive me for being away too long. Today I have a review of Anita Sanchez's The Invasion of Sandy Bay. It's published by Calkins Creek and written for ages 10 and up.

Most of us know Sandy Bay, MA as the quaint New England town of Rockport, but in the 1800s it was still known as Sandy Bay. An invasion of the village during the War of 1812 is remembered in a marker at the tip of Bearskin Neck. It inspired Sanchez to write her book.

After his father's passing 12 year-old Lemuel Brooks moved from his farm to Sandy Bay with his mother. He finds he is not interested in the tavern she runs and seeks a different vocation -- fishing. His feeble attempts put him square in the middle of one of the "wildest" invasions in U.S. history.

Sanchez brings to life this little known event with fine details and superb setting. Although Lemuel is a ficitonal character, many others are not. Sanchez follows with detailed facts in her afterword that will help readers separate fact from fiction. It is clear that Sanchez researched the period well to create a believable, tension filled read. A must for history buffs!