Friday, April 27, 2012

Cleopatra Rules! The Amazing Life of the Original Teen Queen

Years ago my daughter asked her global history teacher why they weren't discussing Cleopatra….after all they were learning about ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.  How could you NOT include the famous or infamous queen?  Well, the answer both dismayed and saddened us.  The NYS Regent in Global History didn't cover the great queen.  

I so wish I had this book to hand to my daughter that year!  Cleopatra Rules is smart, hip, and fun.  Vicky Alvear Shecter has delivered a well-researched piece that should intrigue teens.  

"So what did the romantic newlyweds do for their honeymoon?  They planned a war.  Because nothin' says lovin' quite like dead bodies on a battlefield."  

Kudos, Ms. Shecter!  You've created a biography that will not only get picked up for those school biography assignments, but for pleasure!

Readers will get a glimpse into the "bookish nerd" who became Queen of Egypt while coming away with a fascinating lesson in world history!