Monday, January 9, 2012

Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge Week #2- Titanic Sinks!

Barry Denenberg did it again!  As in Lincoln Shot, he has brought history to life with his creative work of nonfiction to mark the Titanic's historic anniversary. Titanic Sinks! is set up like a memorial edition of a imagined period magazine.  The design includes articles, headlines, historic photographs, and an imagined journal.  The reader cannot help but feel they have been witness to this tragic event in history with each page they turn.   My only concern is the classification of the title as a nonfiction book.  Will readers be able to separate what is fiction from nonfiction as they read dated articles and imagined journals?   I'd love to hear others weigh  in on this.    It certainly is a compelling read and presents a tremendous amount of research.

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Mary said...

Thanks for drawing my attention to this book. I'm curious to read the mix of fiction and non-fiction and see what I think.